Are You Guilty of Over-Eating? (Or Just Want to Get Rid of Belly Fat?)

Are You Guilty of Over-Eating? (Or Just Want to Get Rid of Belly Fat?)

Are you just done with that roll around your waist?  Do you want to get rid of belly fat even more than that awful 8th grade class picture hanging on your mom’s wall?  You’re not alone. You may not be able to replace that photo, but you definitely can shed some pounds and create a better picture for today and for your future.

A Little of This, A Little More Fat

As the new year brings excitement, it also introduces more stress.  Most of us will make an honest attempt to choose healthier behaviors when it comes to food and drink. The problem is that office parties, nights out with friends, or just the end of a long day invites cheating.  This is where over-eating, and, hence, belly fat starts to sneak in.

Unfortunately, stress often wins and then the resolve to eat less (or more nutritiously) takes a secondary position to enjoyment.  The daily pressures of work schedules, deadlines, and family financial strains all combine to create distress and anxiety—the perfect environment for belly bloat.

Over-Stress = Over-Eating ?

Stress can wear us down, and many of us battle it by consuming an overload of carbs, sugar, and high fat foods. Most people attend dinner events, office parties, and cocktail hours without any preparation or planning.  A lack of planning will offset intentions for losing weight. But with the right planning and attitude, you can win that battle and get rid of belly fat once and for all.


While there are many factors that play a role in creating roundness around our middle section, high stress is at the top of the list.  Other causes include:

-too many processed foods

-lack of exercise

-hormonal changes

-lack of sleep

Get Rid of Bad Habits, Not Just the Food

Belly fat is the visceral fat around the abdomen.  Visceral fat creates adipose hormones and adipokine chemicals in the blood stream, which causes inflammation. Inflammation contributes to potentially dangerous health issues such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and lower immune function.

The resolve and plan for eating healthy may be easier to maintain at home. But, sometimes our options are limited because of life’s daily circumstances. Here are some ideas for creating better habits to get you on the road to get rid of belly fat:

1) Many restaurants and outside events offer appetizers, fried foods, and an array of sweets. If you show up without a plan and you’re hungry, sustaining your goal will be almost impossible. While it’s fun to celebrate and get together with friends and family, it’s important to be mindful of what type and amount of food and drink you’re consuming. Take note of everything you place in your mouth. Write it down if you have to in order to keep track.

Better Eating Habits

2)  There are many nutritious foods that can help you maintain a healthy weight and avoid gaining fat. One group you can choose from is protein. Protein has been shown to reduce cravings, boost metabolism, and reduce daily calorie intake. Chicken, turkey, lean meats, beans, and fish are solid sources. Most, noteworthy, eggs are a good source of protein, contain amino acids, and aid in building muscle and suppressing hunger.

3) Most fiber rich foods help fight belly fat, keep you filling full and also lessen hunger pangs. Dark leafy greens, fruits and vegetables, oatmeal, and legumes are foods that are high in fiber and nutrients.

4) Do your best to avoid white flour products, and sugary and processed (pre-packaged) foods. Also, limit alcohol.

5) Working out on a consistent basis will help alleviate some of the stress, tone muscles, and help you get rid of and reduce excess fat around the waistline. Some gym memberships offer the benefit of a personal trainer for initial enrollment.  Hence, take advantage of the trainer’s guidance and suggestions to create a plan that works for you.

Over the Hump

As you begin to see and feel improvement, you’ll gain momentum needed to continue on to get rid of belly fat.  As a result, you will also learn new methods for alleviating stress other than relying on food. Daily walks or doing any fun activity is a good way to start.  Yoga and Tai Chi are workout activities that have been proven to help with breathing, balance, and eliminating tension.  Listening to easy music, gardening, or crafting projects are a few therapeutic ways to deal with relieving stressors from the day.

In conclusion, it’s important to make decisions about what you will and will not eat and drink before the week or an event happens.  Awareness and mindfulness are essential to your success. Making a plan to eat healthier, participating in daily workouts, and being more conscious about balance and consumption will help you succeed in your challenge.