Don’t Forget About Dementia!

Don’t Forget About Dementia!

Don’t Forget About Dementia!

You may forget before you know it. According to a new report, researchers say numbers of those with dementia and Alzheimer’s have increased exponentially and will continue to do so.

Memory Will Cost Money

Experts claim that within three short years, the global cost of treating dementia will exceed $1 trillion. Currently, over 50% of dementia patients live in developing countries. The outlook, however, is that in less than 50 years, 50% of all those with the disease will live in Asia.

Are We Thinking Clearly?

Currently, there is no cure for Alzheimer’s; there isn’t even proper treatment existing for those with the disease. Globally there are over 40 million diagnosed today, and without scientific (and financial and governmental backing) solution or cure, we are likely to see those numbers double every two decades.

Promoting funds towards research for prevention and cure is our best bet at this point.