Exercise is Not a Choice, but the Good News is You’ve Got All Day

Exercise is Not a Choice, but the Good News is You’ve Got All Day

You really have to consider exercise every day of your life. Remember, your heart, joints, muscles, brain cells, and pretty much everything that thrives requires some form of exercise to keep your body in a healthy state. So, basically, in a circular argument, it all rounds out to exercise is a must.

So, you want to work out in the morning but you’re a night owl? How do you think you’re going to reconcile that? Well, sorry, but you can’t. As some of our former blogs have informed us on “GetThrive.com”, your circadian rhythm is ultimately going to guide you. If you’re a night owl, you’re not getting up at 5:30m to workout, but, the upside is that you can still get a great, customized workout at even 9pm!

Many heart-conscious experts recommend early morning for the best results for weight loss. One study showed that when women returned from a morning workout, they were less apt to crave fattening foods than if they had not exercised.

On the other hand, trainers who work toward muscle building prefer that clients have a nice portion of carbs (perhaps potatoes) and protein (eggs, bacon) before their workout. This way, carbohydrates are spent building muscle and burning fat, and the protein allows the excess carbs to act as fuel for energy.

Using your lunchtime to lift some weights or to take a nice stroll has shown to reap positive effects throughout your afternoon hours. Even a 20-minute walk can increase creativity, productivity, stamina, and reduce stress. But what happens if you can’t eke out 20 minutes or more at any specific, given time during your hectic day?

Here are some fun tips to work your “exercise” into your day without even thinking about it. (We realize you may feel embarrassed by some of these, but what’s more important? Your health or how others may “judge” you?

Let’s face it ladies: one of the best things about aging is that you care less what others think . And truly, deep down, others will be envious that you have the good silliness to be taking care of yourself and exercise!

Skip down the street: You may feel funny and look a bit goofy, but kids do it all the time! It will make you smile and your heart will get a quick pick-me-up. (Oh, don’t do this in heels.)

Deep squats: You can do these standing behind your desk, at home holding a kid, or in the bathroom waiting for the hot water to arrive in the shower. Using your quads (your largest group of muscles) will warms up your entire body and the squatting action will keep your booty in fine shape at any age.

Tricep toners: While standing, make your arms perfectly stiff and straight, with fists. Keeping your arms close to your body, just do little, tiny lifts behind your back. At the highest point back, stop, hold your arms there, now bend your elbows in and then back up, in and then back up.

A few of these puppies and you can reduce that part of your arm that waves involuntarily when you wear sleeveless shirts. Do this anytime, anywhere.

Lunge to Lunch…or to breakfast, to the market, to the movies. Instead of just boring walking 100 yards to your car in the parking lot, lunge there. Take your time, and use your legs to create a long, deep, forward move. Just a few and these will strengthen the muscles around your knees. Your heart rate will increase a tad, too.

Get Creative with Exercise

Incorporate anything that you can move on your body into any part of your day. Balance on one foot waiting in line to strengthen your core. Do the old take-the-stairs thing. Do crunches while sitting at your desk or waiting for your coffee to heat. The sky’s the limit and your body is a temple. Exercise and Enjoy it all.