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Hurricane Relief with Heart

Dr. Dave Campbell investigates how the Florida Panhandle is working to recover from Hurricane Michael

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The devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Michael was almost unequivocal to any other storm in the area in past decades. Not since Hurricane Andrew have particular Florida communities experienced such ravishing. Especially hit hard were several communities in the state’s panhandle.

Dr. Dave Campbell and Louis Burgdorf traveled to the Florida Panhandle to explore the damage, but more importantly, to report on the recovery efforts. What they found was uplifting, unbelievable, and proved to be an amazing testament to the human spirit.


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Driving along Highway 98, Mexico Beach, Tyndall Airforce Base, Panama City, and the small city of Marianna—it all looked like a nuclear bomb had struck. Homes were destroyed beyond recognition and people had been trapped from the debris in the path of their rescue. Surprisingly, what the visitors found were people everywhere—all helping one another. There was a deep sense of gratitude on everyone’s part that they (and their loved ones) were still alive. Materials could be replaced, but not human lives.

Humanitarian efforts opened a clinic offering free medication and healthcare to those who lost absolutely everything, including their daily meds. Free hot meals were being prepared, cooked out of wheelbarrows; people were bringing food from their freezers in droves, to be cooked and shared with the community. There was no separation of religion, skin-color, age, or financial status. As a professor from Princeton University remarked, “(We witnessed) the power of community in a time of crisis. It’s just a kernel of what the country CAN be.” A volunteer from one of the local church-based groups noted, “We just want to be a blessing others.”

Indeed, they were. And continue to be…

Click HERE to view the MSNBC Morning Joe show segment.

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