Must Discuss Issues with Aging Parents

Issues You Must Discuss with Your (Aging) Parents

If your parents are like most, they probably haven’t broached the topic of their inevitable decline as self-caretakers. It’s important to try and put aside all the fear, sadness, anxiety, etc.  Consequently, it’s necessary that you (as the remaining child or children) know how to help your folks keep safe, healthy, and financially stable.

Living Alone

If your parent is living alone, you might consider “technological” care. This would include light sensors (inside and out), video cameras, and learning how to dial 911 on a cell phone. Also, many caretakers and children of elderly folks work with the local pharmacist. Therefore, learn your parent’s prescriptions and keep them up-to-date on refilling.

Assisted Living

A transfer from independent housing to assisted living can vary. It also can mean an increase greatly in expense. Many feel it’s worthwhile to explore beforehand how this will be covered financially. Will selling a car be necessary? Probably. Checking online on “Area Agency on Aging”, “”, keeping legal documents updated, and keeping your loved ones active and involved—these are all essentials.

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