Riding Roller Coasters Can Help Pass Kidney Stones

Riding Roller Coasters Can Help Pass Kidney Stones

A recent study out of Michigan State University shows that riding a roller coaster could help people suffering from small kidney stones.


A man reported passing a kidney stone after riding a coaster three times in a row at Disney World. This piqued Dr. David Wartinger’s curiosity, so he embarked on his own study.

He and other scientists created a model of a kidney using a 3D printer. They filled it with three various-sized stones and urine. They placed the device in a dummy; then, the put the dummy in a front row seat of a “moderate-intensity” roller coaster. The kidney passed a stone only 16% of the time.

But when they placed the dummy in a back row seat, he passed a kidney approximately 63% of opportunities.

Any Help Helps

Anyone who’s experienced the extreme pain associated with having a kidney stone is grateful for anything that can help. If riding a roller coaster gives a patient a chance to pass a stone, then why not give it a whirl? Many times the stones grow, create an obstruction, and then the patient needs surgery. Better to pass it while it’s still small.

Kidney stones are fairly common. They’re basically crystals that form from waste products in the bloodstream. The crystals gather, build up, and become as hard as pebbles. One in 10 people, approximately, will develop stones at some point in his/her lifetime. Men, however, are more prone than women to suffer from the condition.

Prevention and Tips

Any doctor will tell you that drinking plenty of water is a must. The goal is to keep your urine as clear as possible. In order to help avoid getting kidney- or gallstones, here are a few beverage suggestions. These options may also be used to help break down smaller stones if they’ve already begun forming.

Apple Cider Vinegar. In a cup of warm water, mix in two tablespoons of ACV, along with a teaspoon of honey or agave.

Pomegranate. You can drink pomegranate juice (with no added sugar), or you can grind the seeds into a paste.

Horse Gram. It’s a traditional lentil that has many medicinal qualities. Also called “kollu”, it can be found in the Indian section of your market.

Basil. Chew 3 basil leaves a day, or make a tea from a bunch of leaves and add honey.

Watermelon. Drink the juice and/or eat the fruit.

Nettle leaf, olive oil, cranberry, and lemon juice are also nice foods to help cleans the kidneys. If you’ve already had kidney stones, you may want to incorporate any of the above into your daily diet. Research estimates that almost half of the people who’ve suffered before will get them again within five years. Hopefully, you’ll beat the odds.

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