Squash, Gourds & Pumpkins - Ultimate Superfood?

Squash, Gourds & Pumpkins – Ultimate Superfood?

Well you may have guessed it, the ultimate list includes Squash (acorn and butternut…)

“Tis the season. Temperatures are cooling, leaves are changing, #PSL has re-emerged in Starbucks near and far (hint- includes another one of the best superfoods). Yes, Autumn is upon us.

And while some of Autumn’s characteristics are less than desirable: leaves needing to be raked, pre-winter freezes, and shorter days, there is much to enjoy. One such pleasure can be found in pumpkins. That’s right, pumpkins. The orange gourds provide a backdrop to many an Instagram photo, are carved as Jack-o-lanterns, and help usher in Thanksgiving. With all of the season’s work comes lots of temptations in menu’s filled with festive cocktails, tapas, and desserts… Why not throw a couple of our top superfoods into the mix?

Are pumpkins a SUPERFOOD too?

Amid these enjoyable seasonal pastimes resides the often forgotten fact that pumpkin is actually a superfood. With only 15 calories per ½ cup, pumpkins are replete with fiber, iron, and zinc. They also offer vitamin C and beta-carotene. Pumpkins contain substances that could help fight cataract formation as well as reduce one’s risk for macular degeneration.

Pumpkin seeds possess high sources of protein and fiber as well as iron, magnesium, potassium, and copper among others. So, how to cook? There are many creative ideas.

From vegan pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to pumpkin spice trail mix, pumpkin chili, baked pumpkin ravioli and many, many more there are plenty of options to consider this season.

So whether you consider yourself a chef-in-the-making or a simple amateur, try something new and include one of our favorite fall superfoods. You may just find a new specialty!

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