Can a Color Give You Personal Power and Boost Your Health?

Color can affect your mood, but there is one, specifically, that can help you feel empowered and also boost your health.

Orange You Glad I Mentioned it?

That’s right! Orange is a powerful color that when used in décor, fashion, or your snacks or meals, can effect positive change. The color orange is associated with rejuvenation. Seeing an orange flower or wearing orange socks are apt to make you feel more confident or even empowered.

Eating orange foods provide a natural source of Vitamin A. Beta-carotene converts to Vitamin A, which assists with vision, cell growth, and boosts your immune system and overall health.

Color Psychology

The color red is considered a stimulant. It is filled with energy. The color yellow is cheerful and jovial. Orange is the combination of red and yellow, making it a blend of positive physical energy and happiness. Orange relates to gut instincts rather than just the reactions of red (physical) and yellow (mental). It’s uplifting and comes from a deep place within.  When we trust our “gut”, we can feel empowered.

Spiritually Speaking

From a spiritual viewpoint, orange is a symbol for a rising sun. It’s a metaphor for creating a new beginning. Orange is equated with a certain level of maturity and allows a person to feel confident within herself. The color is associated with rejuvenation, which helps to balance energy and maintain good health.

Ingesting Orange

The benefits of eating orange-colored foods are numerous. Beta-carotene is a pigment that gives food its orange color. The vitamin A derived from the beta-carotene is an antioxidant, which decreases the risk of cancer and heart disease.

There is a bevy of commonly recognized orange fruits and veggies from which to choose. Obviously, there is the orange, the namesake of its color—high in vitamin C. Carrots are probably the most popular and are rich in beta-carotene and fiber. Sweet potatoes are downright trendy, replacing the white potato (even in chips!) Benefits from this yummy root-fruit are vitamin A, B’s, C, potassium and an assortment of other minerals.

Butternut Squash, pumpkin, (and their seeds) are super orange health boosters. Papaya is delicious and its enzymes promote good digestive health. Guava is another orange fruit, which contains lycopene (the well-known tomato antioxidant.) It also contains over 50 percent more potassium than a banana. Apricots also contain potassium, along with fiber and iron.

As with most veggies and fruits, practice eating them with a small amount of “good fat” so all their vitamins are fully absorbed. Extra-virgin olive oil drizzled on a roasted sweet potato with a dash of Himalayan pink salt is deliriously delicious. And worth mentioning, don’t overdo the vitamin A as not enough is known whether too much can be toxic. Clearly, when you turn orange, you know you’ve ingested enough beta-carotene.

7 Quick Fixes to Boost Your Mood

On any given day, you may feel out-of-sorts, under-the weather, or plain bummed out. Feeling low is natural at times, but staying stuck in a blah mood can affect your psychological health as well as your physical health. If you want to feel better, here are 7 ways you can quick-fix your mood into a more joyful and positive place.

1) Dance

You don’t have to go to a nightclub or a wedding. You can dance anywhere, anytime, and definitely in the privacy of your own home! Research has shown that dancing (even if it’s doing the hokey pokey, the Macarena, or making up your own moves) can improve your mental health and boost your mood. If you break a sweat, great! If you just get your groove on by moving your body to some music, alone or with others, you’re sure to feel better inside and out.

2) Color

A recent study published in the journal Art Therapy revealed that coloring (for children and adults) improved mood and reduced anxiety. Painting has also been found to boost symptoms of depression. Grab some supplies, and paper or a canvas (or even a wall!) and create a happy masterpiece.

3) Go Media-Free

According to an article in JMIR Mental Health, social media may make your low-mood lower. Step back from checking your devices for an hour or more and see how that feels. Also, if you’re a News junkie, give yourself a break from reading or hearing about the woes in the world. Replace screen time with a phone call, a visit, a walk, listening to music, painting, dancing, even cleaning the house.

4) Get Green

Recycling is great, but you can also get your mind and body into green for a quick mood boost. Take a walk in nature. In fact, studies show that you don’t even have to necessarily leave your home or office to feel the effects of greenery. You can look at views out a window, stare at a painting, or visit with a houseplant. Nature loves you.

5) Make a Happy Face

Smiling has been shown to make you feel happy. According to Psychology Today, “Your brain actually pays attention to what your body is doing, and it affects your emotions.” So even if you’re not feeling your peppiest (or don’t necessarily feel like smiling), just move your facial muscles into the position; you’ll be amazed at how it can improve your mood. Even better, think of something that makes you laugh. Easy, peasy, happier heart.

6) Think “Thank You”

It’s no secret that an attitude of gratitude can boost your mood quickly and deeply. But sometimes we get stumped on what to be thankful for if we’re really in the dumps. Great news: You can choose the simplest of things! You can be grateful for the ability to take a walk, to see a beautiful flower, or to be able to read. Each time you practice gratitude, it becomes a greater part of your everyday behavior. Thinking “thank you” can truly improve your mood.

7) Get Clean

Taking a bath or shower can revitalize you and improve your mental and physical wellbeing. You can take the time to pamper yourself, or you can take a brief cold shower. Studies have revealed that a brisk shower can jolt the brain into alleviating symptoms of depression. Water can detoxify your body and mind, and adjusting your water to different temperatures can improve your mood and your energy level.

All of the above tips are easy to try and won’t cost you a penny! Distract yourself with beauty, creativity, and joy, and you are sure to turn that frown into a smile—if not for a minute, perhaps the whole day! For many other helpful tidbits on optimum mental health, check out GetThrive’s archive of articles.




Hairstyle Updates with Sass

Bored with Your Hairstyle? 

Find a hairstyle that is so radical that you literally earn a badge of courage if you dare try it. This has to be one of the most non-controversial, yet sophisticated and lovely eras for beautiful and manageable hair. The highlights are minimal but effective, and the cuts are simple but offer volume and versatility.

The newest rage in simplicity is a haircut called the lob. It’s basically a long bob, which falls slightly between your chin and shoulder blade. Most of the hair is similar in length, but the way it’s modestly highlighted and barely styled, gives it an oxymoronic messy/neat presentation. You can look cute and sassy while accompanying the kids to school, but also have a more glam appearance for an evening dinner if you toss in some hot curls. Check out some celeb photos donning the lob

So, you don’t want to cut your hair?

For those unwilling to cut their hair as short as a bob or lob, the braid has returned as a chic and popular style. Pulling the hair back into a tight braid is a severe, but a very attractive look for dress-up, ultra professional, or evening. A looser, side braid is lovely for daytime, errand-running, or even workouts.

Tape-on extensions are also en vogue. They’re great because you can get ones with a slightly different tone than your color, without damaging your hair from processing. Extensions can give you the luscious look you may have never had due to fine or limp hair. They look amazing, especially when you take the time to curl or style, but they do require more maintenance; you have to brush thoroughly twice a say, wear your hair up while sleeping, and shampooing can be a procedure. Otherwise, if you’re willing to put in the time for the fun and fancy look, it’s worth trying extensions for a couple of months.

Just because we’re aging doesn’t mean we have to don old frumpy haircuts. Be adventurous and let your inner-sass out. Whether you want your hair as long as Rapunzel’s or as short as Betty Boop’s, today’s styles allow you to “fit in” comfortably and adorably.