4 Ways to Treat Yourself at Home and Feel Rejuvenated

So often we don’t make time for ourselves; that includes taking care of our body, mind, and spirit. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself with a little free time at home, give these inner and outer beauty activities a shot.

DIY Pampering

Yes, consider yourself lucky if you have the time and means to get treated like you deserve. But if you’re life is like most—busy, complicated, and spending time taking care of others—you will need to make a conscious choice to make time for yourself. Choose an activity below and see how good you can feel by treating yourself to something just for you.


  1. Dry Brush. Take a soft-bristled brush and make contact with your bare skin, over every inch of your body. Dry brushing will invigorate your skin. Some dermatologists suggest using a circular motion from one area to another. Other specialists recommend brushing straight in one direction as if it were a mane of hair. Regardless of your technique, the overall consensus is that ultra-fine bristles are best.

The massage definitely improves circulation. It also stimulates the lymphatic system, which will help flush toxins from the body. Exfoliation will scarf off the dead skin cells, leaving the epidermis in better shape to receive hydration, thus moister skin. After dry brushing, treat yourself to a warm shower and after, apply coconut oil to your skin.


  1. Organic Facial. Create a concoction made from fresh produce. Ingredients like lemon, strawberry, olive oil, and honey are often used in organic mask mixtures. A simple favorite is to beat an egg yolk and then add-in half a ripe avocado and blend well. Start applying at the chin, moving up towards your forehead, leaving space around your eyes and mouth. Leave on for about 20 minutes and then rinse with cool water.

After, take the inside of the avocado, the peel, and massage your face with it. The peel has oil, which contains humectants, and is a natural moisturizer. You can leave that on, or rinse off.


  1. Create a Meditation Space. You want to meditate and a quiet spot to relax, but it doesn’t exist. Yet. All you need to do is pick a spot in your home, preferably one that is not heavily trafficked. It can even be a corner or a closet! Starting with a seat—it can be a pillow, beanbag, or a blanket covering the floor. Then make whatever space is around your “seat” clean and beautiful.

Keep the lighting soft. Paint with warm colors. Decorate your space with objects that are meaningful to you. Go ahead and enjoy your creation. Hopefully, you’ll get to visit daily.


  1. Freeze, Cook, or Bake. Being able to feed yourself a healthy, delicious food is satisfying to your entire being. Taking the time to do or make something special will go along way. One thing you can do is take your fresh produce, wash, cut, and then freeze. Slice bananas, chop spinach, cut stems off the berries—you get the picture. Your supply will be ready when you want to make that last-minute smoothie!

Look up (or check your bookmarks) for that Mediterranean dish you’ve been wanting to cook. Check out recipes for muffins, bread, or cakes. GetThrive.com has gluten-free ideas for treats and breakfast suggestions, too. Pour your joy of food into your creation. Revel in the experience when you get to eat it!

For more tips on reducing stress and making your life simpler and healthier, check out www.GetThrive.com




Tips for Homesick College Students

Being away from family, friends, and community can evoke an unfamiliar level of loneliness. Getting homesick is normal. Here are some tips that will hopefully ease the discomfort.

Long, Long Way From Home

Part of the experience of going away to college is the “being away” part. Classes are a small percentage of focused time at the new location. Downtime, evenings, and weekends, at first, can be dreadfully lonely. But this is an important aspect of entering adulthood.

As adults, we often have to manage new surroundings—some desired, others imposed. Moving to a new city for marriage, a job, or financial reasons can evoke the same feelings a new college student experiences on campus. That’s why learning what that lonely-thing feels like and then finding and using coping skills is so important.

A Student’s Best Friend

A recent study conducted in British Columbia found that dog therapy benefitted first-year collegiates. The University in Canada implemented the research project because the dropout rate is so high amongst the most homesick students.

The researchers were exploring ways to minimize loneliness in order to reduce dropout levels. They were successful when it came to dog therapy. Once a week, 22 students (for eight consecutive weeks) socialized in a group with puppies and other college mates. Their homesickness was eased by the end of the eight weeks.

Additionally, the dog therapy group had a “higher satisfaction with life.” 22 students in the control group (who did not engage in dog therapy) remained homesick, and were three times more apt to dropout than the other students.

Speaking of friends, the University of Oregon provides tips on how to meet others when in a new town with all new faces. Counselors recommend:

-eating meals with roommates, classmates, or anyone else looking for company at mealtime.

-watch a movie with a couple of new friends.

-join a club on- or off-campus with other with like-minded individuals (i.e.,. hiking, sci-fi, live music, etc.)

-don’t worry about being shy. Most people are nervous reaching out.

-don’t worry about making a new best friend right away. Relationships require cultivation.

When you’re alone:

-don’t be ashamed about feeling lonely. It’s a natural experience that everyone goes through.

-get outdoors, exercise, or dance. Get out of your mind and into your body.

-listen to or play music.

-volunteer. Help a friend or a stranger. Focus on loving rather than being loved.

Going back home for a visit can warm the soul. But if you do it too often, you won’t give yourself the proper opportunity and effort it takes to build on your new life. Hang in there. You will feel so proud of yourself for conquering your fears. You’ve got this!

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