The Social Addiction

The Social Addiction

Too Much Facebook?

It’s so easy to do. Pick up your phone or tablet and surf your Facebook news feed for new posts, videos, and other forms of media and content. But in the amount of time we spend on Facebook on any given day, there are other more useful tasks that we could be doing that can improve our attitude and our health.

Average Addiction

The average person spends approximately 20 minutes each Facebook “session”. In those 20 minutes, several times a day, we could be exercising, reading a book, eating, sleeping or even being a more attentive parent, friend, or spouse.

The First Step

The fact is social media is an addiction—and an unhealthy one at that. We don’t realize how much it consumes our lives, but it does. One of the ways to tell if you have crossed over to the dark side is by your attitude. The next time you reach for your phone think about some other things you could be doing that are more productive or healthier. The first step to conquering an addiction is admitting there is a problem.