The Truth Behind Why You Don’t Exercise

The truth about why you’re not sticking to your exercise program is different than what you think.

Exercise Excuses, Excuses

You made a plan to get in shape. You have a schedule and a routine set up. But, you don’t stick to it. Why not? Are you feeling tired, sick, overwhelmed? Or is the truth glaring at you, and you don’t want to admit it? That’s right. The honest reason why you’re not exercising is because you are choosing to do something else. Yep, right again.

If your Pilates class is at 6pm, but you’re forced to work late, you can’t use that as an excuse. You can exercise afterwards, instead of going home and perusing social media. Your choice. If your alarm rings at 5am so you can get to the gym and you turn it off, what gives? You miss the workout because you chose to sleep.

There is no judgment here. Your choices are your own and sometimes the best ones for your body. Missing a day of exercise is not the end of the world. Claiming that other things get in the way of your workouts may be true, but they’re not excuses. They are choices.

Getting to the Core

You’re choosing other activities—besides exercising—for particular reasons. Look within and figure out why something else on your list is trumping that walk around the lake like you planned. Does the other thing seem easier? More fun? Whatever the reason, in your mind, the other choice seems more appealing.

Take Action

You know that exercise benefits us in a multitude of ways. You’ve already made a deal with yourself to partake more often, even steadily. So now follow through and keep your promise to your body and yourself. Here are some tools you can use to get back on track…

1) Remind yourself how good you feel after a workout.

2) Set up a healthy reward for yourself after you exercise. This could be leisure time watching a show, treating yourself to a low-sugar dessert, or putting a dollar in your “workout jar” to save for a rainy-day purchase.

3) Find friends or an online group that supports you and your exercise program. Most everyone experiences the same angst, and we need the village.

4) Remind yourself that exercise is positive. Get your mindset into the groove that working out is awesome. Forget complaining. “I love to exercise” should be your mantra.

5) Hold yourself accountable. Be your own parent without rebelling. Remind yourself that you made a great deal and that sticking to it will reap great rewards!

No doubt it’s a challenge to stay on the exercise path. Sure enough, before long, your program will become a habit—and an amazingly positive one at that. Just remember, your health is really all you have, and exercising is essential to maintaining that.  Onward!

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