Yoga and Taichi

Yoga and Tai Chi Instead of Medication

Medication may not be enough to relieve pain; Alternative non-medicinal approaches such as Tai Chi and Yoga can be successful pain relievers—without negative side effects.

Tough to Admit

Western medical professionals have voiced their doubts about yoga, acupuncture, and massage as practical healing approaches. These alternative practices, until recently, haven’t offered up the data required by health insurance companies to endorse them. Thousands of years of success in relieving pain just wasn’t enough, evidently.

Numerous studies, however, along with patient testimony, has finally given Tai Chi, yoga, and acupuncture their due place at the top of “modern” healing practices. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has publicly stated that non-drug approaches to pain management can be significantly beneficial.

The Studies Matter

We are living in a time where opioids as painkillers are overused and misused. Doctors and patients have been scrambling for non-medicinal, successful pain management for at least two decades. After all, each year, there are over 125 million adults in America who suffer from some type of pain. Forty million more suffer from extreme, chronic pain.

The NIH analyzed 50 years of data from 105 randomized controlled trials. Between 1966 and 2016, alternative treatment was provided for five different ailments. They were: back pain, neck pain, migraines, fibromyalgia, and osteoarthritis.

Seven non-drug treatments were utilized in the study. Among them were: yoga, Tai Chi, acupuncture, massage, and relaxation techniques. They all reaped benefits to the participants, but the first-three proved to bring tremendous pain-relieving results. The study review was published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

The findings suggested that with prescription medicines, these alternative treatments can be extra useful. They could, potentially, however, be worthy as stand-alone, non-drug, pain-relieving treatments.

Feel Good News

This news sheds optimism on finding and utilizing methods to reduce pain that garner no side effects. If acupuncture becomes addictive, so be it. If after a yoga session, pain is reduced and energy enhanced, so be that as well. Here’s to shedding pain and gaining comfort.

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